Top 10 Beach Towns in New York This Summer

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Located at the eastern tip of Long Island, Montauk is a popular beach destination with beautiful sandy beaches, stunning cliffs, and great surfing spots.


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The Hampton

Comprising several upscale villages and towns, the Hamptons offer a mix of beautiful beaches, stunning mansions, high-end shopping, and a vibrant social scene.

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Located in Brooklyn, Coney Island is a classic beachfront destination with an amusement park rides, the iconic Cyclone roller coaster, and the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Coney Island

Rockaway Beach

Situated in the borough of Queens, Rockaway Beach is known for its wide sandy shores, great surfing conditions, and a lively beach culture.

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Shelter Island

Nestled between the North Fork and the South Fork of Long Island, Shelter Island provides a peaceful retreat with serene beaches, nature trails, and a charming small-town ambiance.


Located on the North Fork of Long Island, Greenport offers a quaint seaside village atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and easy access to local wineries and farm stands.

Jones Beach

As one of the most famous beaches in New York.  Jones Beach State Park features miles of white sandy beaches, recreational facilities, and a famous outdoor concert venue.

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Orient Beach

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