Coronavirus Outbreak in Boston: What We Know So Far

According to Federal Health officials, Coronavirus has affected at least 60 people in the United States. 

Globally, more than 81,000 cases have been reported, the majority of which are in Wuhan, China. The virus has killed 2,700 people globally. 

How many Coronavirus cases are there in Massachusetts?

According to State Health officials, 680 people have been quarantined so far, out of which 377 have completed their monitoring while 231 are still under observation for symptoms. 

In Massachusetts, there has only been one documented case of Coronavirus so far.

Officials are taking “strategic actions,” such as communicating daily with CDC and other federal and regional agencies, along with establishing a streamlined organizational system for the dissemination of information. 

The State Department also added that they are continuing to make contacts with partners, including school health personnel, emergency medical services, and college and university health systems. 

Are there any Coronavirus cases in Boston?

Yes, the state has confirmed one case of Coronavirus. A student in his 20s from UMass Boston traveled to Wuhan, China, and got afflicted with the virus. 

On Thursday, Boston health officials said that 33 other people in the city are also being quarantined for Coronavirus. While none of them has shown any symptoms, they are still under observation for any possible signs.

According to health officials, the risk of getting Coronavirus in Boston remains “very low.”

What is Massachusetts doing about the possible outbreak?

Massachusetts governor Charlie Broker said a plan is being prepared on steps needed to prepare for a possible epidemic outbreak. The project will be released next week.

“I would expect that by the beginning of next week, we’ll probably have a fully formulated plan that we can show people,” Baker said. “But again, I would point out that here in Massachusetts, based on the data and the information and the guidance that we’ve received so far, this remains a low threat.”

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