Expect snow and Cold wave starting today

Hello Folks,
We have been closely tracing weather information as it has a very strong influence on our business and the life of the people in wintery Boston. Starting today (tuesday) Boston and other parts of Massachusetts are supposed to receive a significant dosage of wintery snow and chill.

Today Boston and surrounding areas are expected to get at least 1/2 inch of snow. We hope it stays moderate and does not escalate into severe snow blizzards like last year. We had written about the storm track in Boston recently and it seems milder than last year. Rains storms will replace most of the snow storm if these predictions are true.

We are already witnessing it. If you compare the current weather to the same time last year we have several inches of snow by this time. But due to a stronger El Nino there are more rains this year.

For Shuttle and Car service providers in Boston and Massachusetts it is relatively easier to render our services in rain that on 4 inches of snow. If the snow situation worsens we will have to cancel some reservations without really wanting to.

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