Massachusetts boy hurt after playing in outdoor trash bin

A 9-year-old boy got badly hurt while playing in a trash bin outside a complex in Massachusetts. Investigators examined the dumpster the boy climbed into hours after the young boy was found unconscious..
Sgt. William Henault said, “There was an accident down here with a 9-year-old boy. He was playing in the dumpster and had an accident, which is under investigation. He was found by his grandmother and he was unconscious at this point. He’s been mid-flighted to Rhode Island Hospital. It’s under investigation, but it appears to be a tragic accident.”
The accident happened in the evening in the Taunton Gardens Condominium Complex on County Street. Police explained the 9-year-old was found in the dumpster and had popped his head through the lid. He then lost his grip and his hand became trapped between the cover and the dumpster while falling down.
Sgt.Henault said, “He was stable in the med-flight. He had a good pulse and he was breathing on his own on the med-flight to Rhode Island.”

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