Train catches fire in Boston, forcing passengers to climb out of windows and jump into the river.

SOMERVILLE, Massachusetts — feels grieved to report about the fire accident with MBTA Orange Line Train while crossing the Mystic River. Fortunately no harm to human life came because most passengers safely evacuated through windows and one of the ladies aboard saved her life by jumping into the river. Train was part of the Boston public transit system was engulfed in flames during Thursday’s morning commute, the officials said. The incident comes as the latest incident in the series of serious issues that plague the system.

No injuries were reported as the individual who plunged into the water did not seek medical treatment, a spokesperson for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority said in an announcement.

Inbound MBTA Orange Line train was crossing the Mystic River to the north of Boston and was en route to the Assembly station at Somerville around 6:45 a.m. Then, smoke and flames were seen emanating from the lead car as per the report. Around 200 people were in the train, and many were taken from the train and taken to an adjacent station by MBTA staff.

When the power was shut off and the train was taken to an area of the railyard to conduct an investigation. The infrastructure is being examined. The MBTA has informed the Federal Transit Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board.

The train had a age of 43, MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo stated, and it was not among the newly built Orange Line cars that were temporarily taken off service after one of the cars experienced an issue with the battery compartment. The cars have since been restored back in service.

The Federal Transit Administration launched a review of the Boston subway network in the month of April, following various accidents that caused fatalities or injuries over the last year. The federal agency has issued a series of instructions to address “longstanding problems” regarding this system’s “overall safety program” and culture.”

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