Black Mountain to Reopen This Winter After All

A longtime New Hampshire ski mountain will open this winter after all, reversing its decision to close, which was announced last week on social media.

Black Mountain, in operation since 1935 and owned by the Fichera family since 1995, announced last week “the very difficult decision to cease operations” due to high energy costs, staffing shortages, unpredictable weather, and other challenges.

Then on Wednesday, Indy Pass, which sells ski passes to independently owned and operated ski areas at more than 180 locations worldwide, announced its support for the mountain, saying in a press release it would provide resources for the Fichera family to operate for one more season and find a buyer for “the beloved resort.”

At Boston Airport Shuttle, we have very distinct memories of dropping families, students groups and corporate teams with huge skibags at the Black mountain resort. We have been there every season many over a decade now. It was really sad to hear about the closure notice. If the skiing community is making an effort to continue the operations it should be supported by everyone in the travel sector.

Black Mountain holds the distinction of being the site of the country’s first overhead cable ski lift and, as per The Boston Globe’s 2018 declaration, it may very well be the Northeast’s best-kept secret.

Indy Pass has expressed its dedication to facilitating the sale of Black Mountain as an actively operating ski area. Erik Mogensen, the founder of Indy Pass’s parent company, Entabeni Systems, will lead an industry-wide initiative to discover a sustainable solution for the resort.

Mogensen emphasized in his statement, “We all have a role to play in preserving the independence of skiing, and it is time to step up. We have no interest in owning ski resorts but are steadfast in our commitment to support independent operators like Black Mountain. The challenges that John and his family have surmounted over decades are the same challenges confronting numerous ski areas across the country every day.”

In the release, General Manager John Fichera expressed that his initial motivation for joining Indy Pass was to increase awareness and attract a few more skier visits. Little did he anticipate that this partnership would become absolutely essential for the preservation of Black Mountain as an independently operated ski area.

Indy Pass plans to collaborate with Andy Shepard, who has a track record of successfully revitalizing struggling ski areas, according to the company.

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