Bush Fires raging in Massachusetts

Bush Fires raging in Massachusetts due to Extreme Dry Conditons

According to recent information on the ground from our drivers with duties around Lynn Woods, bushfires are raging. This has been confirmed by local news today. According to CBS News 5 separate fires have razed 212 acres of woodlands in Lynn.

The first sighting came in on 12th May, Friday and by Monday 5th fire was reported from Deep Wood Trail on the northern edge of Walden Pond.

According to firefighters of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the situation continues to be grim and things may escalate at any time. Even though 95% of the fire was contained by manually dousing water from the ground and from the sky (helicopters) a new incident broke out.
Super dry conditions in the woods and small fires are becoming large and critically dangerous due to faster hot wind blowing at around 25 MPH.
If this bushfire situation aggravates, we may suspend shuttle services to the affected areas. This suspension will be revoked as soon as the condition of ground transportation is favorable. We just wish to avoid any discomfort or health issues caused due to smoke.
Image Credits- Wikimedia Commons

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