Great Hall added to Logan Airport Terminal B

Here is some good news for travelers to Boston Airport. Terminal B of Logan International Airport now has now been upgraded with the addition of “Great Hall“. The idea is to provide travelers with a more streamlined travel experience and to honor the sports heroes of the nation.
As a part of the upgrade of Terminal B that connects to 37 gates, this fresh development will bring some moving space and customer engagement at the terminal. You can now expect faster ticketing, better luggage handling, & faster gate operations due to this development. It is also expected the existing 3 security check zones will be merged into one single security checking area.
Other interesting features in the Great Hall of Terminal B
  1. Another feature of the new Great Hall would be the local dining zones and special concessions for shopping and eating at these centers.
  2. Special play area for Kids
  3. Specially designated areas for pets.
  4. Energy Saving Lighting system utilizing natural light during daytime.
  5. A central monument dedicated to sportspersons of Boston.
  6. Increase in Terminal’s floor space by 75,000 sq ft.

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