Taxis gain Upper Hand on Uber-Lyft at Boston Airport Terminal

In a welcome move for Taxi and Private car drivers in Boston, Massport Authority has proposed a ban on Lyft and Uber from entering the Airport Terminal front at Logan International Airport. Given the fierce competition between Taxi Drivers associations and app-based taxi hauling systems like Uber and Lyft, this may be a victory for Taxi drivers, albeit a small one.

The congestion in front of Logan Airport was absolutely bad. Often we have to wait for 2-3 hours to pick up a passenger and even a simple airport drop and exit would sometimes take 30 minutes or more. It is easy for Uber and Lyft to get a return passenger from where they drop passengers at the airport terminals. However, taxi drivers do not have that luxury.
If this proposal gets accepted, Uber and Lyft cabs will have to wait at the central parking lot. Uber has protested this already. However, this time the Uber argument is ironic. In the past, Uber has demanded to NOT to be treated as regular Taxi companies. But this time Uber is demanding a fair play and to be treated as regular Taxi companies.

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