Massachusetts has been chosen as the 7th most distracted driving state in the USA as per research

Talking on the cell phone while driving is an offense but still, it exists. The texting factor is another big distraction for people. There have been several; road accidents that have occurred due to cell phone talking or texting. Thus the problem requires a solution that is imposed strictly.

It is appalling to learn the fact that the use of devices while driving has increased manifold in comparison to last year, 2017. Distracted driving is soon becoming one of the main reasons behind the accidents caused on the roads. With the increase in the gadget ratio, the direct impact is seen on the roads. A whopping 26% jump has been recorded in the use of mobile phones while driving in Massachusetts.

Several people have given their valuable opinion about the problem and information has recorded that some find it frustrating to see the people using the phones while driving or passive driving. The conscious effort of dealing with the problem should be taken up by the Court and a fine should be imposed which will definitely pinch the pockets of the users. This seems to be the best solution. Things are still underway for the same and a decision is pending.

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The report has further revealed that the drivers in Massachusetts spend 7% of their time every day on the phone. Hence it is definitely the 7th most distracted state across the country. The same statistics have been found for texting as well. 60% of the drivers use their mobiles while driving at least once a day.


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