What should you never tell a Taxi Driver

Given my experience in Travel Industry as a marketing consultant and given my own travel experiences I am listing down certain things that you better not tell your taxi driver. The information is primarily based on complaints about bad taxi driver behavior during certain phases of a tour or transfer. To maintain good client feedback we handle these issues with utmost care because it instantly translates into negative reviews on our public business listings and affects our overall sales and reputation.

What should you never tell a Taxi Driver for your own safety?

  1. No personal attacks on his character or family. 
    In short, never argue with your taxi driver about anything other than price or your travel itinerary. It is ok to argue about the price or travel plan because that is your professional dealing. But never get personal in arguments or attack his character or family reputation.There have been many cases of rapes or assaults reported that arise of such mistakes. A taxi driver is a professional doing his duty, so he deserves some respect and disrespecting your driver will not do you any good. Rather it may become a life and death situation for you.
  2. Turn Up the Volume Mr. Driver. Let’s Rock the Road.
    This is another common mistake that has led to numerous accidents. High volume affects the alertness of a driver and can lead to wrong decision making while driving, ultimately leading to a possible mishap on the road. It can also lead to situation 1 mentioned above and cause another set of worries.
  3. Stop! I need to Pee. Stop! Must take a Pic here. Stop! I love the smell.
    Asking for too many stopovers may annoy your taxi driver. He is duty bound to comply to your request so he may comply but that may be annoying to him and an angry driver is no safe thing for the riders. Further, a taxi driver has to follow the traffic rules and the laws of the land that he knows better than you, so if he cannot comply to some of your stupid requests do not shout at him.

Sometimes our Shuttle drivers get called “taximan”, “Taxi Guy” all the way from pick up till drop. We don’t complain much but it feels bad.

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