Seven Popular Spots To Pick Up A Thanksgiving Meal

Boston Airport Shuttle wishes you a very happy thanksgiving. We hope you have a wonderful time with your friends and family.

We’ve gathered that the everyday American family that enjoys a Thanksgiving Day feast is going to spend around $ fifty-five on the Thanksgiving dinner to serve eight to 10 human beings. that is up from $forty six.90 for a holiday meal fit for ten diners only a year in the past in 2021—you may thank inflation for that growth. As for the causes of inflation, you can “thank” the whole thing, from avian sicknesses to ongoing delivery chain troubles to the war in Ukraine. 

Still, notwithstanding extended food charges in 2022, most American families are committed to participating in a Thanksgiving meal. But doing so does no longer, in reality, require that you prepare dinner. You can create a pretty becoming and filling thanksgiving meal to head while you order food from one of the eating places featured here.

Boston Market

It’s like Thanksgiving every day at Boston marketplace, so it’s no wonder it’s an awesome region to show to on Thanksgiving. You could choose chilled warmness-and-eat holiday foods in advance or prevent in on November 24th for sparkling-cooked warm Thanksgiving classics, like turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and more. And you can order pre-curated food or gather your dinner party a la carte.


It is smooth to cobble together a full holiday feast degree of meals from this fast-meals chain. The principle protein is straightforward with entrees such as large fowl filets, albeit no longer turkey. And for facets, you may go together with kale, mac and cheese, a salad, fries, soup, and more. don’t try and recreate that Thanksgiving dinner on a Sunday due to the fact, as you likely already understand, the chain is closed.


you could order an entire turkey from Popeyes, entire with Cajun seasoning. (it’s already offered online. However, you may be capable of pre-order one in man or woman.) but even beyond this traditional meal centerpiece, Popeyes has many menu items that work perfectly for Thanksgiving. You’re certain to create a perfect meal, albeit perhaps one with hen because of the protein. There’s mashed potatoes, coleslaw, biscuits, mac and cheese, and greater.

El Pollo Loco

again, if you’re okay with the bird as the main direction instead of turkey, El Pollo Loco can create a lovely vacation meal with a Mexican aptitude. Consider something like the chain’s eight-Piece circle of relatives ceremonial dinner with bird, avocado salad,  large aspects (like beans, mashed potatoes, corn, or red rice), churros, chips, and salsa.

Cracker Barrel

in case you don’t need to raise a finger on Thanksgiving, well, aside from ordering and picking up, Cracker Barrel has you included. It gives complete food with turkey and all of the fixings in all one-of-a-kind sizes, depending on your birthday celebration. The food is designed to reheat for about two hours from start to completion, so plan this. They feature a turkey breast rather than an entire turkey. Or, in case you want dessert, Cracker Barrel offers a group of classic pies and some precise options like a Cinnamon Roll Pie.


Ordering a 16-Piece Meal from KFC is much like ordering a Thanksgiving-sized banquet. It comes with a large bucket loaded with four drumsticks, four breasts, four thighs, four wings, eight biscuits, and four big aspects of your deciding on, like green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, slaw, corn, and greater. Eight humans can enjoy this feast of a meal, and, at $43.99 in step with our test of numerous locations, it beats the going charge of Turkey Day dinner, too.


Yep, Thanksgiving c/o a quick-food/gas station chain, and pretty tasty. Wawa’s The Gobbler Hoagie features turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce all in one sandwich, or you may even get the Gobbler Hoagie with Mashed Potatoes or one with candy potatoes. You could additionally get a turkey-laden Gobbler Bowl, and as for soups and aspects, try broccoli cheddar soup, mac and cheese, rice, beans, meatballs, and more.


If you like the idea of a full meal packed with rich flavors that might not be quintessential “Thanksgiving” but are sure to fulfill, then Qdoba has you blanketed. The chain gives its family meals that serve four to five diners, so order two and be greater than set. A family Meal from Qdoba comes with a generous serving of chopped chook or steak (the latter is pricier, of the path), rice, beans, salsa, tortillas, and you could add guac, sour cream, queso, and masses more.

Make up your mind now and visit any of these places for a delicious thanksgiving meal. Book our chauffeur for any of your thanksgiving commute requirements. We provide quality private shuttle services in and out of Boston from all of Massachusetts. 

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