Passengers Stranded at Tarmac for Hours in Boston’s Logan International Airport.

At Boston’s Logan International Airport on Sunday night, a large number of travelers were left stuck on the tarmac for several hours. Passengers said that the long delays were caused by problems with de-icing flights at the busy airport. More than six planes, each carrying hundreds of people, were on the tarmac at Terminal A for hours into the night.

“We’re sorry to any of our clients who had to wait or had other problems because of Boston’s winter weather. Backups for departing and incoming flights were caused by the incident and deicing delays. “We have been working all day to restore our operations and resume our regular flight schedule,” Delta said in a statement released Monday morning.

Tim Nyong, who had to book a cab back home, told us that the flight delays were understandable to some extent because of weather conditions, but most of the passengers weren’t aware of why the plane wasn’t taking off, which created a little tension during the incident. Winters will become harsher as the holiday season approaches. We suggest our customers take extra measures in order to avoid any kind of delays in their Christmas plans. is your go-to service for airport shuttles from Boston. Offering both express and non-stop shuttle options, you can rest assured that you will get to your destination in a timely and comfortable manner. Whether you need a private minivan or an SUV, our experienced drivers are here to provide you with superior service. Our shuttles are equipped with the latest amenities including Wi-fi, reclining seats, and adjustable air conditioning.

Image Credits- Boston Logan Airport

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