The great city of Boston is famously renowned for its good art show and also for its history. Aside from all these the city is also endowed with good things such as good beaches and bike trails, island and ice rinks running routes and rivers and also one great blue harbor that is elegant. If you are ready to go out and look at the city differently below are some ways for you to do just that;

Harnessing the wind

Get a glimpse of the beautiful skyline of Boston as you sail along the coastline of Boston city. Knowledgeable sailors can opt to hire a three or four-seater sailing boat for an odyssey around Boston’s harbor while novices can go sailing on the Charles River Basin. Those who wish to be sailed by professionals can opt to book a trip on the Liberty Fleet classic 125ft schooners that take passengers on sailing escapades around Boston’s harbor.

Cycling along the Charles River

For you to be able to have a good view of Boston you should do it from a bike. Take advantage of the painted and protected bicycle lanes along the Charles River but be careful if you are a novice rider because navigation on a bike on a crowded busy street can be a little tricky for you. Riding along the River Charles bike path will give a fantastic off road riding experience and also let you have an excellent overview of Boston. You will ride through Beacon Hill and Back Bay past Fenway Park and also the famous Citgo Sign. You will also get to see the Harvard and MIT campuses. Riding along this route is 17 miles long but there are ten bridges in between that will give you a chance to turn around and lessen your trip.

Following in the footsteps of Boston marathon runners

To be able to explore Boston better you can opt to follow the route that Boston marathoners usually use. If it is your interest to stay away from streets you can follow trails found along Boston’s parks. You can alternatively follow one of the most popular running routes found along the Charles River Esplanade which is a beautifully landscaped waterside park that stretches almost three miles along the southern shore part of the river.

Getting out of town on the Minuteman Bikeway

Minute Bikeway is the best bikeway in Boston it features a wide and straight paved path leading to Boston’s northern and western suburbs. It is at Arlington where the bikeway starts and you will cycle for five miles to Lexington’s center before traversing an extra 4 miles of scenery full of leaves before winding up in the rural suburb of Bedford. Some interesting places you will pass on your way as you cycle include Spy pond, the bird filled great meadows and the historic battle green (the site of the very first skirmish of the war for independence).

Exploring the Boston harbor islands

The Boston harbor has got a total of 34 islands which are open for bird watching, trail walking, fishing and swimming. You can access some of these islands by way of ferries in which lots of adventure await you.

Swimming and plane-spotting from south Boston beaches

South Boston waterfront is lined with sandy beaches, scenic and also swimmable. You will particularly find the Castle Island interesting for you; it has a fishing pier, a playground, a famous lunch stop and also a star-shaped fort for you to explore.

The south Boston beaches will also offer you an excellent vantage point to watch planes taking off or coming to land at the Boston Logan Airport.

Kayaking and canoeing on the Charles River

You can either rent a canoe or kayak from the Charles River Canoe & Kayak Center and then paddle your way on the pristine waterway.

Winter sports

Boston experiences winter starting from December which sticks around until March, you could take advantage of the weather during that time to out and indulge yourself in winter sports. Some of the winter sports you could participate in include skiing. On the outskirts of Boston is the Weston Ski track which offers 15 kilometers of trail for cross countr

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