MBTA reports, Two-Third of Orange line Work Completed

“We are on day 21 of our 30-day surge of the Orange Line,” MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak said. “We have less than 10 days to go. We are making good progress, and again, we are confident we will be reopening on the morning of Monday the 19th.”

The orange line has been shut down for reconstruction and repairement since mid of September. Since then the authorities have been trying to tackle the traffic which was diverted on roaads instead of subways. The MBTA provided bus and bike services on important roads to help the passangers in incovinience.

The problems on roads have been less than what was anticipated before the shutdown. Both authorities and people have been responsible enough to avoid giving birth to any major traffic crisis.

The customers pf BostonAirportShuttle too reported that the traffic was well managed. Though several times traffic issues rose due to factors like weather and festive times.

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