Traffic arrives in Boston with Allston Christmas

Allston Christmas here in Boston on 1st September. It is the biggest day of the year for Boston as tens of thousands of college students are arriving in Boston this week ahead of the fall semester.

College students have flooded the streets of Boston this week as they move back into the city before college’s fall semesters start. The City of Boston has issued several traffic advisories this week, including for the Fenway and Roxbury neighborhoods, that will run through Labor Day on September 5.

Brad Gerratt, Boston Transportation Department commissioner, stated that his aim is to make the city streets safe for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers during the time that more people will be using the streets.

In that regard the commissioner said that parking restrictions will be in place until Monday, September. 5 on the streets of several Boston neighborhoods which include Allston, Brighton, Fenway, Mission Hill, South boston, Back Bay and the North End. This will permit students who are moving into the area to park moving trucks as well as other vehicles.

The full list of parking restrictions can be found here. 

Gerratt advised residents to pay attention to no parking signs before they park or risk being fined.

The Orange Line also remains shut down until Sept. 19, and alternatives can be found at

Blue Bikes are available to assist in getting around the city. The mayor said that many colleges offer annually discounted passes. The city also offers free 30 days of Blue Bike passes during the Orange Line closure.

Traffic all around the city will be hard to pass through but with our trained drivers and our network around the roads we’ll ensure that you get to your destination in the least time possible. Juist make a booking on our site today.

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