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Experience These Before Winter Leaves Boston.

Winters are on the go but have you had your fun time in Boston yet? Boston Airport Shuttle invites you to take a ride with us to some of the most special things Boston has to offer during winter. Check the list

Even though the weather may be getting warmer, it is no secret to long-time residents of New England that we are currently experiencing “Fool’s Spring,” or the sporadic period of the 60s and sunshine that makes Punxsutawney Phil appear to be a fraud until we return to subfreezing temperatures in just a few days.

Hence, in light of the continuous winter, here are some enjoyable trips that may lessen your fear of the weather:

At the Frog Pond in Boston Common, ice skate.

Every Bostonian should skate across Frog Pond at least once, regardless of skating ability! Skating at Frog Pond, which is right next to the Downtown Crossing Red Line stop, is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Due to the many Boston colleges, Frog Pond hosts a special “College Night” every Tuesday from 6 to 9 PM. During this time, you can enter for a steep 50% off with your HUID.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum should be viewed.

If you want a more tropical indoor setting in the winter, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a good place to go. The galleries at the Gardner Museum are beautiful and have been there for a long time. Each one looks out onto a bright interior courtyard with tropical plants, so you will definitely enjoy a tour of them.

People who are interested in art history and true crime should take note of the haunting sight of empty frames in the museum’s Dutch Room, where the most famous art theft in modern history took place. For affiliates of Harvard Inns and Outings, admission is reduced and free for students.

Enter Walden Pond and take the Polar Plunge.

Are you feeling Thoreau-inspired? Or perhaps you’re looking for a fun adventure? If so, round up your bravest pals and travel to Concord, Massachusetts, for a brief plunge into Walden Pond.

Take a polar dive right into the lake after enjoying some “Snow on the Beach” in the style of Taylor Swift while taking a stroll around the pond. You will definitely have great memories of this, and you might even get a little frostbite.

Check out the Cambridge Public Library

If you want to get away from the Harvard campus but still want to see something local, the Cambridge Public Library is a good place to go. The Main Library is just past Harvard Yard. Its beautiful architecture, interesting history, and large book collection will leave you speechless.

The front of the library looks like a castle, and the higher floors have amazing views of the Boston skyline. Bring a warm beverage and your favorite winter book, and stop by!

Image Credits- Frog Pond at Boston Common

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