Unique Halloween Event in Boston 2018

Event Name: Fog X Flo – Fog Mystics
Venue: October 20th, 2018 | Fog x Ruins, Franklin Park Overlook,  Bos

Artist: Fujiko Nakaya
Date: 20th Oct 2018

Feel the Halloween spirit with a short visit to the Fog Mystics of the Emerald Necklace Parks! Best time to experience this is late afternoon and evening. The Fog Mystics are an extension of the mist show in nature by artist Fujiko Nakaya in Fog x Ruins, making the magic of this unique place come alive.

On public display will be a unique display of mystical performances by ethereal creatures between bouts of fog. Come to immerse yourself in the wonder and beauty of Nakaya’s installation paired with hula hoops, levitating wands, and other enchanting surprises!

If you want to experience the entire work of the Fog X Flow series of events scattered around Emerald Necklaces, you can hire us for a professional taxi ride for your work colleagues or family. We have spacious minivans that can be super comfortable for groups up to 7 persons. Special discounts available for Cash payments and for student groups.

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